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Mulch *Natural mulch : Regular pine    Dark and Light    *Pick it up or schedule a delivery  ( Delivery charge will apply ) *Use a minimum of 2-3” to provide Protection from invasive weed seeds *Insulation from  the heat and frost Stones *Native stone     3/8” pee  , 3/4” or 1 1/2” *Bluestone     3/8” pee or 3/4” *White stone   3/8” , 3/4” mixes Shells *Quahog shell (crushed) Bricks *Boston Pavers *Glen Gary *Waterstruck *Old used brick Wall stone *Field stone *Colonial *Stepping Stone   and  Standing Stone Belgian Blocks *Landscape Reg.       4”x8”x4”      *Baby                          4”x4”x4”      *Regular                     5”x5”x9”    *Jumbo                       7”x10”x4” One yard covers an area  10’x10’x2”thick (100) sq. Ft.)